6 Surefire Tips For A Woman Over 50 Starting An Online Business

6 Surefire Tips For A Woman Over 50 Starting An Online Business

I’d like to share with you, my 6 Surefire Tips For A Woman Over 50 Starting An Online Business.

I’ve been thinking for a while now since Donna asked me to write a post for her concerning women over 50 coming online.

Most of the information I found in my initial research was concerning online dating and dating after 50. This is not what I was looking for, so back to do more research with some different terms.

According to a PBS NewsHour article women over 50 are less likely to be able to find an off-line job since 2008.

It’s always been a stigma that women should stay at home, clean the house, cook and care for her husband and children and being over 50 is not going to help.

That life of the 1950s is gone.

So if women aren’t being able to stay home while hubby works and they aren’t able to get an off-line job, then the next solution trending, is to go online and look for some kind of work they already know how to do.

Or, they can even start their own online business.

Even women who in the last few years have held high-paying executive jobs are now being let go by downsizing.

Others are deciding to quit in order to start working for themselves.

So if you are a woman over 50 and have made the decision to start your own business…

or you happen to be an over 50 woman who is now faced with trying to change careers out of necessity…

you are going to be facing both good news and bad news.

The good news is that if you are already an experienced marketer, then you will probably not have much trouble starting your own business; save trying to decide which business you want to put your efforts towards.

The bad news is if you are starting over and have decided to try something online because of layoff, divorce, retirement and boredom, an empty-nester or for some other reason…

you are going to be facing many road blocks and challenges.

I don’t say this to deter you or scare you away or make you feel like all hope is gone but to make you aware of some of the things you will need to be looking out for when you are searching for online work or starting your own business.

While it’s very, very hard to do, one of the “First” things you will have to learn is to discipline yourself concerning time management online and information overload.

So what do you do?

Make a list of the jobs you already know how to do; typing, computer, data entry, making phone calls for people and I’m sure there are many other things I have not thought of.

Make a list of things you would like to learn.

Maybe it’s a dream you have always had and now you have the chance but you also have to make that chance count for something; as in a paycheck or funds coming into the house for bills, etc.

Set a time limit for your research.

Use an egg timer or the Google Timer and set it to a certain amount of time to do your research on that subject. I would suggest no more than one hour on each topic.

In your research, make sure you talk to people who are involved already in what you are considering.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand something.


Be cautious about email and opportunities offered to you that sound too good to be true.

In fact, 99% of them will be geared toward new, unsuspecting newcomers to online business.

They could be hoping you are not aware of all of the scams and fraudulent programs out there.

But there are plenty of reputable options for you, so go slowly and choose wisely.

Once you have decided on your next step, look for an affordable mentor and/or a coach to work with you so you get a good solid start to your new online business.

There is light and good news for you lucky women who are over 50.

There is no reason whatsoever that should stop you from recreating yourself in the online world, and for you to do exactly what you want to do and the way you want to do it.

The internet knows no age and your future is up to you.

Decide what you want to do;

be smart;

learn how to do it, and do it well.

Show those who may have tried to talk you out of an online business what you are made of: “Determination and Dedication” leading to your eventual success.

Monna Ellithorpe 

Monna Ellithorpe Writer, Published Author, Teacher, Blogger, Marketer. She has been writing in journals, diaries and creating short stories since her teen years. After the death of her beloved husband in 2008, she realized the purpose in her life was to write. It was then that she started to seriously pursue a career in writing and marketing.

13 thoughts on “6 Surefire Tips For A Woman Over 50 Starting An Online Business”

  1. Hi Mona,

    I am so delighted you have written this article for Bella Viso. Being a woman over 50 encompasses so many things. From our health to working. Women over 50 are not really welcomed in the working field. It is so difficult unless one has their own business.

    Why, after so many years of life’s ups and downs should we feel like outcasts? On the other hand we can go out and get what we want. We can take those years and build a business with all the knowledge we carry. We are wise and we need to proclaim our wisdom.

    Thanks again!


  2. Hi Donna,

    Great new blog and I am honored to be one of the first to guest post for you. Women over 50 just have to work a little harder to prove that we can do but that’s never stopped us in our 20s, 30s or 40s, so why would the 50s be any different?

    Wishing you great success in your new ventures, Donna and watching how you do it. Love to learn from you.

    Have a fabulous week.

  3. Thank you Mona for sharing your knowledge here.

    I’m having a blast with the new ventures. I don’t know why, but it keeps me feeling alive and young. The more I learn the more I put into action. Sometimes I feel like a child waking up in the morning and feeling like Santa came. That’s just how I feel about my business online.


  4. Hi Monna and Donna, thanks for sharing this. I actually trained as a typist first at school then afterwards went to a bank secretarial college, so my typing is very speedy! Makes it much easier to get things done! It also meant my spelling and grammar has been pretty good too, layout is something I work on as well due to the strict training. Having had a young trainee come in to an office where I worked some years later I found they really did not have the standard that was set when I trained. Shame. Anyway, when I decided to work online writing was my way forward because the techie stuff is way over my head! Good job there’s outsourcing!!

    Enjoy the journey!

    • Hi Mandy,

      I too trained as a typist when I was in High School then did a job here and there as one, so typing for me is a snap!

      Although I love working online, the techie stuff is not for me…that I outsource lol.


  5. Hi Monna,
    We certainly do have experience in reinventing ourselves as we age. The best news, is that it can be done in this day and age! I think years ago once you reached 50 you were looking at rocking chairs and it’s not like that anymore. Look at Louise Hay – she’s a role model for me. She started her book publishing company when she was 50. Learning is a never ending process. It;s good for the mind to learn new things too, You offer some good guidance in your post and nice to see you on Donna’s new Blog! Very exciting!

  6. Congratulations Donna!
    How exciting to start a new venture! Wish you lots of success with this … 🙂 Looking forward to seeing this site grow and the goodies you’ll be offering!!! Much love to you!

  7. Hi Monna and Donna,
    How exciting Monna to be the first article for Donna’s new fabulous site.
    I do agree with Lesly that we re-invent ourselves as we age.
    I too started out as a typist and learned to type quickly.
    I worked as a temp for many agencies for several years.
    I have had many different types of jobs, from sales to even cooking for
    several years. All this taught me was that I wanted to work for myself.
    Best wishes with the new site!

  8. Hi Kathryn,

    Thanks so much for coming over and your best wishes.

    Indeed, we do re-invent ourselves as we age. Looking back at my own life I wore many hats and did well. Even here online…I am still growing. I have to do that until I drop lol.


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