Mr. Potato Head T Shirt for Kids

Mr. Potato Head T Shirt for Kids

April 1, 2017,   has blogged 9  posts

I remember playing Mr. Potato Head as a child. Then Playing it with my child and now my grandchild. Mr. Potato Head T Shirt for Kids makes a great gift. The great thing about this Mr. Potato Head shirt is that kids love to wear one of their favorite toys to share with other friends. …

Children's Clothing A New Addition to Bella Viso

Children’s Clothing – A new addition

September 1, 2016,   has blogged 9  posts

Bella Viso is so excited to feature a children’s clothes section as our new addition.  If you are a gal 40 and over, there must be little ones in your life. Kids…Grand Kids…Nieces…Nephews…Friends’ Kids. Of course there are always children in your life and there always comes a time when you need to shop for …