Seasoned Wisdom

 Seasoned Wisdom

I don’t think anyone really thinks about Seasoned Wisdom. I certainly didn’t until I turned 60-years-old.

Holy crap! Where did the years ago?

My son, just about to turn 20, seems like a finger snap in time.

And all those years guiding and watching him grow up – gone.

It wasn’t until I decided to work out at the gym that my mind seemed to catch up with my body.

Oh, the aches and cramping from using parts of my body and muscles I forgot I had.

Other people working out were a constant reminder…

young women and men, racing around, wore their snug, fashionable “work-out” outfits.

I didn’t “race.”

I wobbled while pacing eagerly in loose sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt.

I’ve caught myself thinking and envisioning how I’ll look “months from now”– slim, shapely, attractive.

But then I look in the mirror and I see the paleness of age creeping in on my skin…

  • wrinkles on my hands and elsewhere;
  • strange, brown spots out of nowhere; and
  • skin tags appearing without invitation.

And of course, graying hair.

It’s almost as if I woke up from a long, deep, sleep and found myself growing older.

Sure enough, the years had caught up to me.

My life swept past me while I had been preoccupied with little things like

  • love,
  • sex,
  • career,
  • being a mother,
  • death of loved ones,
  • marriages, and yes…
  • many funerals.

Aging crept in quietly, unnoticed really, until I went to the gym and my body was pushed to perform.

It took 3 months to rid the aches and pains I experienced as a result of not being active at all… just sitting in my office chair working on the computer.

It took 3 months to get back a “spring” and a bounce when climbing stairs.

Out of the struggle came a new awareness and a crossroad.

So many of us have opportunities to change our lives, its direction, and in this era the possibilities are endless. 

You may not see that from where you are at this moment in time, but it’s true.

When I was growing up, older women (my age now) died their hair blue or pink.

I guess that was to cover the gray.

No freaking way will I have blue hair!

Visions of myself doing that horrified me – no freaking way will I have blue hair – although as my hair works its way to being white, I could see a little “Hombre” styling going on.

Hey, it’s 2016 and growing old does not have to be sterile or boring.

So the crossroad became…

turning my remaining years into a magnificent, aging woman who can be a role model for other aging women.

My life doesn’t end just because I’m getting old.

In fact, in many ways, my life is just beginning again.

Perhaps because my son is grown and moving towards being on his own – as it should be.

But life is a breathtaking experience and aging is just part of it.

When I think of all that has happened to me through the years… joys, heartbreaks and all… I wouldn’t be who I am today without all of them.

Aging is part of life gently shifting my experiences towards a profound wisdom that can only be gained through growing old.

I welcome it.

Being physically fit, healthy as I morph through my golden years, wearing my motorcycle jacket from 20 or so years ago, and my Hombre hair… 

I embrace it.

Growing old certainly makes me question my purpose in life.

Did I accomplish what I wanted, could I have done more, and so much more?

But I think now it’s not so much what I’ve accomplished, it’s more what have I learned – what has life taught me.

So as I prepare to start my morning at the gym I know this “seasoned” woman has so much more living to do and share… with style and wisdom.


Seasoned Wisdom

25 thoughts on “Seasoned Wisdom”

  1. Hi Donna and Lesly,

    Wonderful post. When I was younger, I could not envision myself at 58 because back then that was considered old and just waiting for the final day. Well here I am at 58 and as you describe, if you embrace it and learn from it, this can be another new beginning of a different life and I am working towards many things that I have wanted to do in my life but haven’t yet.

    I do want to leave something for my daughter and grandkids, so they can say, “My Mom/Nanna, did make a difference in this world.” Confidence comes with age. I’m doing things now that I would never have had the courage to do earlier in life.

    Thank you, Donna and Lesly for this great post.

    • Hi Monna,,
      Thanks fo reading this post… I too want to leave something for my son – letters. I’ve been writing him letters since he was two. I peek at them every now and then because they bring back memories .. I hope he likes them and helps them in his life after I’m gone …

  2. Hi Monna

    I find it to be so true that I too am doing things now that I never thought to be capable of doing when I was younger. Wow…how we grow with confidence. But some don’t…. And it is unfortunate because as we go through so many things in life, it is there to share with others. Especially our family members who we want to leave some kind of legacy.

    When I was in my late 40’s I wrote a cookbook for my family. They still have it and use it all the time. It was because they would constantly call me and ask “How do I make____?” It was back in the day before ebooks lol.

    I just turned 60 and when I was young I thought I would never reach this age he he.

    So here is to the women with Seasoned Wisdom!


  3. Lesly,

    I want to thank you so much for writing this awesome piece for this blog. It is a wonderful share that many of us resonate with. You have always been so honest since I’ve first met you ….hmmm that was some time ago wasn’t it?

    I have seen your growth during the little time I’ve known you from the blogging world and you are doing more now than ever. Plus I love being in your PAC community.


    • Donna,
      So sorry fir the delay in responding to comments .. it was my senior brain’s fault LOL! Thank you. We both have come so far and it’s WONDERFUL to have been connected for so long online. We can have many acquaintances online, but few you can really feel like a friend. You’re one … thank you so much .. and thank you for supporting PAC the way you do …

  4. Hi Lesly, I do believe you are indeed a role model for other women, ageing or not – but we are all ageing in reality, even if we don’t like to think that way! I admire your determination and ability to deal with a situation, to make it ‘happen’ for you. You inspire me!

    Enjoy the journey!

    • Mandy …
      Thank you …
      I’m just being me … and such kind words for me to bask in! 🙂 When we’re younger, we really don’t pay attention to aging – but every minute, hour, a day, we age. The time goes much faster too. A good night’s sleep these days for me seems like 5 minutes. Yet when I was younger it seemed to last a life time //// thank you my friend 🙂

  5. Hi Mandy,

    Lesly sure is a role model for aging women. She inspires me too. As we age, we need to feel happy about it. When someone tells me they just got a “little work done” that means they really aren’t happy about themselves.


  6. Hi Lesly and Donna,
    Lesly did really a nice post looking back and what she is doing now is great.
    I always wanted to get older and maybe I have been older when I was 30 than now.
    I never thought of aging and stay away from people who complain about this.
    One of my exercise Ladies wanted to invite me to a senior dinner ,I told her never
    ask me again. A friend of my husband asked me if we, not better slow down I said, I am
    just at a begin of something new 🙂 Like Lesly said :”In fact, in many ways, my life is just beginning again.”
    Let’s keep it this way I would say 🙂
    Thank you

    • Hi Erika,
      Some people let age wither them away.. which is sad, But in this day and age you can “begin” a new life. Louise Hay is a role model for me. At 50 I believe she got divorced and started a book publishing company. Hay Houe is one of the most well know book publishing companies out there now, and she’s still going strong in her 80’s. I’m looking forward to seeing what we do next Erika, And YOU have done amazing things too!

  7. Hi Erika,

    Isn’t it awesome? Indeed you ARE just beginning something new and so is Lesly and me too. It is true that life is just beginning again. I cannot understand why people at a certain age “retire” and spend time playing cards, golf or whatever they do. I would go crazy!


  8. I’ll be 61 next week and I remember thinking how far off the 21st century was. I clearly remember making plans (about 25 years before) to meet up with friends to celebrate. By that time I was 13,000 km away so didn’t make it.

    I need to follow your example Lesly and exercise more (much more). I am a “computer chair potato”. When the children were young I had plenty of exercise. Apart from playing with them and chasing round after them I joined dance and exercise classes. I’m pleased to say that my older 2 children regularly exercise, walking, trekking, running, gym, and my daughter goes canoeing. I’ve not been such a good example lately for my youngest.

    I may not be so young in body but I love keeping my mind active and exploring, learning and doing new things.

    • Love you Sue Bride,
      Happy belated Birthday. I’ll be 62 in August. I love the “Computer Chair Potato” I got a laugh with that one.. and I know what you mean about young in mind .. For me, exercising and lifting weights has made me feel so much better and stronger … and I’m still a “Computer Chair Potato” I just break it up.. and lift weights now during breaks .. go figure LOL

  9. Hi Sue,

    You make me feel so much better. I try to exercise but stink at it. I am 60 and find that my body doesn’t respond like it used to. I admire what Lesly is doing. I see her on Facebook tracking her exercise and she is a dynamo. I want it to rub off lol.

    My body isn’t young, but at least my mind is. I see we are both on the same page!


  10. Great post, Lesly. Thank you for sharing it , Donna.

    As my oldest son is now just days away from turning 21 I feel this part of your journey in a truly deep and profound way. The children grow, mature, find their way and eventually leave home. This is how it should be and is indicative of good parenting but it is also hard as that portion of our lives comes to an end and we must recreate our new normal.

    • Hi Elise,
      Oh I know.. it is heartbreaking.. but part of life. It’s an interesting time in letting go and staring at myself in the mirror looking old, gray and wondering – what next. But that’s part of life’s journey .. yes? I could write another post on this topic … lol

      • Hi Elise,

        Indeed, we must create our new normal. Wait until you become a grandmother lol. I’m a step-grandma, but they feel like my own. It is a journey that is beautiful.


  11. I loved reading your reflection Lesly and seeing your seasoned wisdom (I just saw a book with the title, Seasoned Wisdom, today).

    I think the world would be a much different place if we simply created a passion for better lives and built self improvement as a foundation stone for our growth. Growing older is just time passing.

    Growing wiser changes the world.

    • Hi Rachel,

      Indeed, growing older is time passing. I find that as the days and years pass, I gain more wisdom and it is a wonderful journey.


  12. Jeepers, I have years on you and yet I don’t feel wise or seasoned.

    I feel excited and engaged more and more in a life that I love and cherish.

    Yes my sons who are well into their thirties, one is approaching forty can shock me with their age but it is so good to know that I have produced wonderful human beings to keep the world populated in a positive and productive way.

    I count my blessings including my good health everyday and yes it means I have to conscientiously work muscles to keep them in good shape but what fun to have strong muscles to work.

    You have many years to live look at the next American president, your choice one will be 69 the other 70 and they each see 8 poerful years ahead of them.

    Let’s rock!

    To Great Success


    • Hi Mary,

      I have years on those gals too. My daughter is 32 and my eldest step daughter is 40. To be part of their lives is wonderful. I do feel wiser and seasoned like a good meal lol.


  13. Love, Love, Love this post! I tell people all the time I woke up January 3, 2015 and every part of my body had turned old on me. It all came at once, the stiffness, the aches and pains, I even started losing my love of rap music. What’s happening to me I asked. My mind seems so young but has to check in with the body to see if I am up to the task. Every birthday now brings a new pain, and new challenge. I started walking when my daughter gave me a fitbit and I now challenge myself to see how fit can I get at my age. Especially since the three health alerts I have had are related to weight. Sometimes I don’t like what I see in the mirror the wrinkles and gray just checked in and spiritually I wasn’t ready. I’m a 20 year recovering alcoholic and I wrote a poem about how in the 12 Step meetings they didn’t warn me about this as they shared about Keep It Simple.

    • Hi Lydia,

      What a beautiful share! Sometimes when I look in the mirror I see that shift in my body…what the heck? But I too have a fitbit and it gives me the incentive to get off my butt. Being that laptop lifestyle gal, I was sitting too long and that wristband keeps me going.

      As for wrinkles..they are warrior lines. Some worry ones that was earned by caring for others. The others are those laugh lines I wear proudly. It all tells a story.

      Wow..20 years girl…God Bless YOU!


  14. Hi Lesly & Donna,

    Oh Lesly, you’re too funny! Picturing you ‘waddle’ had me in tears.

    Despite the agony present during horrible times in my life, I too, wouldn’t change a damn thing – the expense was too great to give away. Sweet post. Don’t forget to oil your leathers…

  15. I am glad to read your experience here about how it feels to be aging.

    I definitely agree with you that seasoned wisdom comes with aging. There are things about life that I now see differently from the way I saw them some years back. The more I get older, the greater my experience, and with more experience comes seasoned wisdom.

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