Christmas Shopping In March

I’m Christmas Shopping In March.  Is it too early to do my shopping?  Not at all and I’ll tell you why.


When you do your Christmas Shopping early you get to save tons of money.  Yes indeed, that is the first perk to speak of.  After all, if you have gifts to give, you want to get the most bang for your buck don’t you?



I know what you are thinking….”If I do my Christmas Shopping early, I will probably forget who I bought what for.”   Yep, that can be true if you don’t get organized.


First make a list of all the people you need to gift.  Then when you see a bargain, purchase it.  Write it next to the person’s name and a little description will help you recollect it.


Put all purchases in one place.  This will save you the headache of “where did I put that” later on.  I use large plastic containers….preferably see through and store all my gifts in the basement.


So my friends, weather it is Christmas or any other occasion think ahead.  I have a nephew who’s birthday is in November and I just purchased this lovely jacket for him for under $20.   I did something similar last year and the jacket I purchased for the same price was $100 six months later.  Hmmmm   So what do you think about it?


Is it too early for YOU to start buying Christmas and other holiday gifts in March?




pssst   This is what I got for my nephew 

Christmas Shopping in March 2017

Christmas Shopping in March 2017

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