Children’s Clothing – A new addition

Children's Clothing A New Addition to Bella VisoBella Viso is so excited to feature a children’s clothes section as our new addition.  If you are a gal 40 and over, there must be little ones in your life.

Kids…Grand Kids…Nieces…Nephews…Friends’ Kids.

Of course there are always children in your life and there always comes a time when you need to shop for them.

Now Children’s clothing costs quite a pretty penny.  I know because I do have 5 grand kids and tons of nieces and nephews.

What’s a gal to do?

Burn out her credit card until it sizzles away?

I had to find a solution to this problem.

Every time we turn around there is a party or holiday whereby we need to buy children a gift.

More toys?

I’m sure they have more than they will ever be interested in.

But a new, different outfit can really make a splash the next time you are at a baby shower or a holiday celebration.

So here are some photos to give you a peek at more than one hundred children’s clothes you can choose from
Now this guy has good vibes going.

vibes outfit 11.42.29 PM



This hat can really spark up a good photo shoot.

Children's Clothing A New Addition to Bella Viso



Let us not forget the little femme fatale in our life:

B&W Set Kids


There is so much more to choose from in our children’s clothing section.

I’ve done research on each manufacturer and they all have high ratings.

So here you have it.

I’ve done the ground work for you and all you need to do is click and put it in your shopping cart.

Oh, I’ll save the best for last:

These prices on children’s clothing are going to blow your mind… they are so low.


Children's Clothing A New Addition to Bella Viso

9 thoughts on “Children’s Clothing – A new addition”

  1. I often have bought clothing for nieces and nephews and now great nieces and nephews as it is, as you say, a great alternative to yet another toy. Now my mother and I spend time putting a package of small activities together for the children to open on the festive day so we can all enjoy doing something together, a game or something creative, and it doesn’t matter if it only lasts that one day because we know they will probably not look at it again after the day has ended! We always choose things that are going to be great fun for a ll the family.

    Enjoy the journey!

    • Hi Mandy,

      It is so much fun to put together things for children. I like your idea of a package of small activities for the children.


  2. I like the Giraffe hat ,it is really cute. It is always fun to find cute clothe for the kids.Great to see especially the girls enjoy it.
    this dress with leggings and t-shirt with the ballerina skirt is really they will like .
    Nice addition

    • Hi Erika,

      I love this addition because I do purchase many things for the children in my family. The little Giraffe hat is adorable because it looks home made and I just love things like that.

      When it comes to little girls, there is never enough of clothes for them. Even when they grow out of them, it can be passed on … This is why I like to get a bargain and started this site. Kids grow so fast and why pay so much money for something we can get directly from the manufacturer? Beats paying the middle man lol.


    • Hi Beth,

      Baby Swoon indeed lol. Love the tutu and I’ll let you in on a little secret…I wouldn’t wear that one, but I do have a tiarra he he he


  3. There is so much more choice of baby and children’s clothes than when my kids were young. I’m hoping it won’t be too long before I can buy some for grandchildren. Your range is lovely. You have excellent taste, Donna.

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