Children's Clothing A New Addition to Bella Viso

Children’s Clothing – A new addition

September 1, 2016,   has blogged 9  posts

Bella Viso is so excited to feature a children’s clothes section as our new addition.  If you are a gal 40 and over, there must be little ones in your life. Kids…Grand Kids…Nieces…Nephews…Friends’ Kids. Of course there are always children in your life and there always comes a time when you need to shop for …

What To Wear When You Are Over 50 - A Shirt Dress

What To Wear When You Are Over 50 – A Shirt Dress

August 19, 2016,   has blogged 9  posts

It is a challenge sometimes when you are over 50 and say to yourself “What to wear? I’m over 50.”  Now you don’t want to look frumpy plus you don’t want to dress like you are a teen. So, wait…I have some solutions for you. I too am over 50 so I get it. Sometimes our …

Seasoned Wisdom

Seasoned Wisdom

May 11, 2016,   has blogged 9  posts

  I don’t think anyone really thinks about Seasoned Wisdom. I certainly didn’t until I turned 60-years-old. Holy crap! Where did the years ago? My son, just about to turn 20, seems like a finger snap in time. And all those years guiding and watching him grow up – gone. It wasn’t until I decided …