Am I Too Old To Wear Jegging Jeans?

Am I Too Old To Wear Jegging Jeans?Quite often when I’m with other women 50 and over, I am asked this question “Am I too old to wear Jegging jeans?”

My Answer: Heck no!

As long as you are not wearing a short top and shak’n your bootie you are fine.

I find that regular jeans are too restricting.

Talking with other women my age we had the consensus that Jeggings are more comfortable and we can move about more easily.

Wear them with a longer top if need be.

I know I have to because of my tummy lol.

But even if you are in amazing shape, it is a great look.

There is one thing when shopping online to look at and that is the thickness of them.

You don’t want to end up with see through pants lol.

There are so many ways to dress Jeggings up or dress them down.

Think about it for a moment.

A pair of high boots for the cold weather look great!

And for warmer weather wear, flip flops or some awesome flats can make it pop.

What I like best about Jeggings is the way they feel.

I can tell you I wear them from in an array of colors, including the basic jeans-blue.

I can put a tunic top on, a sweat shirt or even a dressy chiffon top.


Am I Too Old To Wear Jegging Jeans?


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Am I Too Old To Wear Jegging Jeans?
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Am I Too Old To Wear Jegging Jeans?

7 thoughts on “Am I Too Old To Wear Jegging Jeans?”

  1. Hi Donna,

    I had to smile about this one, because my sister told me very firmly that she and I would not “look right” in jeggings. We’re both over 50 🙁

    Than blow me down, if a few days later she didn’t turn up wearing them. She looked good too 🙂 Haven’t tried myself.

    Joy – Blogging After Dark

  2. Hi Joy,

    That is too funny. Your sister had a second thought on that lol. They do look great on just about anyone. Any size too! Pair it with boots high to low. A long sweater or blouse and you are good to go. I wear them all the time and I’m 60 lol. I can go from dress down to dress up with only a few accessories. Plus…they are comfy. That’s the deal I like.


  3. I say no also. In fact these are my favorite jeans I have so many pairs. To me they are the best fitting jeans I have ever bought and they give me a nice looking shape. If I may say so myself but did confirm with the hubby lol. Thanks for asking Donna!

  4. I don’t wear jeans. I never have worn them. I guess some of that is living in Paris for a few years when I was a young adult, and there were just so many beautiful clothes to wear that were trendy and fashionable then. Jeans weren’t one of them. It kind of set me into a habit of the type of clothes I wear. I have tried jeans a couple of times since then but have found them not anywhere near as comfortable and wearable as the other clothes I wear. Chinos are my favourite trouser.

    Enjoy the journey!

  5. Despite unwelcome weight around my middle, my legs are slim. Wearing a long top over jeggings is a good way to disguise what I’d rather not show off. I’ve worn jeans since being a teenager, apart from a couple of unfortunate years at college when I wore loons (wide bell bottom cotton pants in bright colors), long flowing dresses, and an embroidered afghan coat. .Oh dear!

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